Global Learning Charter School- New Bedford

Adam Branch

Adam Branch is a 6th grade Math Teacher at the Global Learning Charter School in New Bedford where he has been teaching since 2008. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology at Rhode Island College and his teaching certification from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.  His hobbies include raising and caring for aquarium fish.

The way that he has demonstrated his commitment to mentoring is he has now been a mentor for a number of years at GLCPS.  He was also a mentor at his previous school. He firmly believes that everyone has questions and needs help with something.  Having a mentor and mentee team to help out in a non-judgmental way is very useful.  He wants to make mentoring meetings more meaningful to new and first year teachers and explore ways how he could help other mentors better assist their mentees , run meetings and find resources He also believes that mentors make the transition into a new school easier and less stressful.  Mentors help the district keep highly qualified teachers.  With less turn over that means less time and money needs to be spent every year training new teachers.