2020 Vision Cohort 2 – 2018

Introducing The Mentoring in Action Leadership Academy 2018

Atlantis Charter

Lorie Crockett :

Lorie Crockett

Role: 7-12th Grade Site Leader

Mentoring Title: Mentor Coordinator

"It’s important to have a buddy or confidant that you can turn to in time of crisis." Read Lorie's Bio. Listen to her vision.


Christine Cabral :

Christine Cabral

Role in the District: Middle High School Assistant Principal

Mentoring Title: District Mentor Coordinator

"I believe in providing beginning and incoming teachers a strong and effective mentor program in which they develop collegial relationships, participate in professional development, reflect upon their practice, and sustain a career.  I wish to participate in the 20/20 Vision Teacher Leadership Academy to learn how to better utilize the Mentoring in Action curriculum to improve the effectiveness of our program and support future leaders." Read Christine's BioListen to her vision.


Christine DeAmbrose :

Christine DeAmbrose

Title: Teacher in Charge 504, Cambridge Public Schools

Roles: Teacher in Charge, Special Educator, Mentor

"I look forward to growing mentoring education programs and mentoring other teachers as a means of directly improving student achievement and the quality of our lives in our schools." Read Christine's BioListen to her vision.


Kristin Faiella :

Kristin Faiella

Role in the District: Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Mentor Leader

"I hope to learn from others in the academy and hopes that this class will give me the tools to become the leader and mentor who can make a difference in my school system." Read Kristin's BioListen to her vision.

Dighton-Rehoboth Regional

Christine Jackson :

Christine Jackson

Role in the District:  Grade 6 Social Studies Teacher/Grade 6 Team Leader

Mentoring Title:  Mentor

"I am excited to participate in the district’s mission of sustaining the Mentoring in Action program recently implemented while focusing on the social emotional needs of novice teachers and students."  Read Christine's BioListen to her vision.

Amanda Ferreira :

Amanda Ferreira

"My vision as a leader is to be a positive influence in other’s lives, by providing guidance and support not only for teaching students in the classroom but also to improve the overall well being of the teachers in those classrooms." Read Amanda's BioListen to her vision.

Jean Bezner :

Jean Bezner

Role in the District: Special Education Teacher Middle School

Mentoring Title: Mentor

"My hope is to enlighten teachers to the practice of mindfulness and provide a forum where we can all share experiences through mind and body activities that will strengthen us both physically and emotionally." Read Jean's Bio. Listen to her vision.

Global Learning Charter

Charlene Elias :

Charlene Elias

Role in the District: Grade 6 Team Leader and Social Studies Teacher

Mentoring Title:Mentor

"I have been officially mentoring teachers for four years." Read Charlene's BioListen to her vision.


Shannon Osgood :

Shannon Osgood

Role in the District: Social Studies Teacher

Mentoring Title: Co-Mentor Leader

"I enjoy witnessing student-teacher growth, helping them plan and organize the delivery of content and troubleshooting the challenges they face along the way." Read Shannon's BioListen to her vision.

Lori Solazzo :

Lori Solazzo

Role in the District:  High School Math Teacher

Mentoring Title:  Mentor Teacher Leader

"Now, as a mentor teacher leader my goal is to help build a strong support system and sense of community for our teachers which will in turn impact all students in our school. " Read Lori's BioListen to her vision.


Howie Landau :

Howie Landau

Role in the District: Middle School Health Teacher, High School Coach

Mentoring Title: Mentor

"For many students, clubs, sports and activities are what keep students coming to school and invested in their education, and we must work to provide quality instruction even outside the classroom environment. " Read Howie's BioListen to his vision.


Deb Jacobson :

Deb Jacobson

Role in the District:  Grade 1 teacher and Literacy Coach

Mentoring Title:  Elementary Mentor

"I am optimistic that participating in the 20/20 Vision Program will help me to refine my mentoring skills so that I can more effectively impact the growth of novice teachers." Read Deb's BioListen to her vision.


Dr. Barbara Shurtleff :

Dr. Barbara Shurtleff

Role in District: English Teacher

Mentoring Title: Co-Facilitator for the Mentoring/Induction Program, Mentor

"Teaching brings me such happiness and mentoring encourages me for the future." Read Barbara's BioListen to her vision.

Southeastern Vocational

Lloyd Lamarre :

Lloyd Lamarre

Role in the district: Teacher of Mathematics, Head Wrestling Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Diversity Committee Member

Mentoring Title: Mentor Program Collaborator

“My desire is to do what I can to make communities like Brockton better. I fell in love with the city and I see the potential and desire to further the city along.” Read Lloyd's BioListen to his vision.


Carol Flionis :

Carol Flionis

Role in the District:  Learning Disabilities Teacher

 Mentoring Title:  District Mentor Trainer

"My goal is support the new teachers in my buildings along with helping my district to develop a stronger and more expansive mentoring induction program." Read Carol's Bio Listen to her vision.