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The MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (ESE) recently published the revised Mentoring and Induction Guidelines 2015. Review the guidelines on the ESE website: http://www.doe.mass.edu/educators/mentor/.

Creating a school or district Action Plan is a process that requires commitment and focus. Every school and school district is a bit different. Reflecting on your district’s needs will allow you to create a plan that actually will support your novice teachers!

Use this Interactive Plan to review the seven steps the RTTT Project SUCCESS participants found useful to developing relevant and practical plans.

Click on “examples” to see how various districts responded to the action step based on their needs and context.

Watch the videos from our Video Library to hear students and teachers talk about the importance of mentoring and induction.

Search our Video Library to find other videos that meet your needs and share the voices of students and teachers. To see a list of topics and titles in this free video resource library click here.

Review examples of completed plans from a variety of districts under the District Action Plan Examples drop down menu.

Click here to open the District Interactive Action Plan.