Carla Eaton

Carla Eaton graduated from Boston University (2005) and was hired in Chelsea, MA, where she has spent her career at the Frank M. Sokolowski Elementary School after falling in love with the community and all that it offered while student teaching there.  In her role as a classroom teacher, she taught fourth grade for a number of years, third grade for the past several years, and is currently back in fourth grade teaching a Sheltered English Immersion classroom.  After discovering her love for working with ELLs after some time in Chelsea, Carla returned to Boston University to get her master’s in education in TESOL (2011).  She has found her niche in working with ELLs and feels incredibly privileged to be afforded the opportunity to work with children and families from all over the world.

Her interest in supporting new teachers led her to take the Project SUCCESS course with Dr. Radford and while taking the course, Carla found that she is passionate about providing her new colleagues in Chelsea with the best start to their career as possible.  She found the statistics about how many new teachers leave the profession early in their careers startling, and realized it is up to the practitioners in the field to help their colleagues find a way to have success and develop sustainability in Chelsea.

Carla is in her second year as a lead mentor in the district.  As a lead, she supports the mentors and new teachers at the four elementary schools and the early learning center in the district.  She oversees the implementation of the program that supports both the teachers in their first year in Chelsea, as well as the program that provides continued support to teachers in their second year in the district.  Carla thoroughly enjoys her work as a lead mentor.  As a result of her participation in this course, she has realized the importance of helping teachers to develop routines and habits that will allow for sustainability early in their career and is excited to continue this work!