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Would you like to support novice teachers and mentors with confidence and clarity?

 Are you already a leader who wants to learn more about induction and mentoring?

 Would you like to explore mindfulness strategies to reduce your stress?

 We offer four ways coaching can enhance your leadership

and improve your teacher induction program

For teacher leaders seeking a way to support mentors and novice teachers in their district. This graduate course includes three online modules:  Mindfulness, Leadership and Taking Action, three coaching sessions, and a retreat.

To learn more go to 20/20 Vision page.

To request an application email Karen.Gannon@comcast.net


An online graduate course for principals, assistant principals, and district leaders who want to learn practical ways to enhance their induction and mentoring programs.

Mindfulness strategies and coaching sessions (phone) allow each participant to customize the content to meet district goals.

To learn more go to our courses.

Leadership team workshops facilitated by Carol Radford and members of her team offer you an opportunity to clarify your vision for induction and mentoring in your district.

Topics include:

District Action Plans,Mentor Training, Supporting novice teachers beyond year 1, and how to use group mentoring options.

Contact Carol Radford at  MentoringinAction@gmail.com

One to one professional coaching sessions offer district leaders an opportunity to reflect on induction challenges and ways to use mindfulness and practical resources to improve retention and support mentor development and leadership.

Contact Carol Radford at MentoringinAction@gmail.com