South Eastern Regional Vocational Technical

Amy McLaughlin-Hatch

I am a career changer and have been teaching for the past 11 years. Previously, I was a stay at home mom, car pooler, volunteer extraordinaire and substitute teacher at my children’s schools and part time employee.


I love being a history teacher! I love working with and hopefully, inspiring young people every day!  I love the colleagues in my department and feel privileged each day to collaborate with them.  Teaching is demanding work, but so much fun and I could not imagine doing anything else!

This year I teach the course, The Holocaust and Human Behavior to seniors. It is a hybrid course, with units in psychology, sociology and history.  My students love it and I love teaching it. They learn not only about the Holocaust, but about themselves.

I am involved in the leadership of my school in many ways.

Currently, I am serving a Freshman Class Advisor with my mentee, Lauren and am thoroughly enjoying working with her.  I have been a member of my Federation’s Negotiation and Grievance Committee for the last three years. Recently, I have been chosen to be a part of our new Attendance Working Group to revise our attendance policy.

For the past five years I have volunteered for the National Honor Society Faculty Advisory Committee to review applications and make decisions on new inductees.  My school is celebrating our 50th Anniversary next year and I am excited to be working The Anniversary Gala Celebration Committee.