The Mentoring in Action Team works together to create the courses, newsletters, and free resources that are available on the website. Each member of the team contributes their valuable skills to manage the day to day operations of a small business and puts the vision for mentoring into Action!

Our goal is to “Pay it Forward” and share what we have learned with others. 



Adam Pelletier - Videographer & Editor
I really enjoy using my skills in video production and my experiences as a teacher to help this team do great things for teachers and students.

Janet Arndt - Gordon College Partner
This is an exciting project that is much needed for preservice & in service teachers and for the districts whom hire or employ them. This project is a continuation of a successful program that is being enriched daily.
Joanne Koch

Joanne Koch - Website Designer & Bookkeeper
I enjoy designing and enhancing websites and helping Carol realize her business vision through the Mentoring in Action site. It gives me great satisfaction to produce a quality website which will aid Mentoring in Action and the education community. Please go to my website at to see a description of my website design services.
Karen D

Karen DeRusha - Course Curriculum Design & Evaluator
I love working with a group of competent people on a project that has critical value to our public schools – interaction, paying it forward.
Karen G

Karen Gannon - Registration Coordinator & Master Mentor Evaluator Coach
I enjoy being a part of this team because of Carol’s vision of helping new teachers become exemplary in as short of a time as possible while keeping a balance in their life. Self-reflection will enable them to continue.

Kathi Rogers - Master Mentor Evaluator
I believe that public education levels the playing field for our children and gives them possibilities for their potential. I’m thankful because I had wonderful mentors. I owe it to others to continue to share.

Shonna Ryan - Educational Technologist
Being a part of Project Success and now Mentoring in Action has been a great learning opportunity for me. It has allowed me to merge my interests in technology and education to become a creative problem solver…. never a dull moment!

Carol Pelletier Radford - Founder
I am grateful for the Mentoring in Action Team and the many talents each member brings to the table. I chose to create a team because I believe the creative process is enhanced by a diversity of perspectives. This TEAM is amazing!