Our Mission is for all students to learn from effective novice teachers. MentoringinAction.com seeks to improve student learning across the nation by promoting a common language for mentors, encouraging the alignment of mentoring conversations to teaching standards, and differentiating mentoring practices to meet the varied needs of novices.

We value the importance of reflection, mindfulness practices, social and emotional learning, and self-care and integrate these aspects into our programs.

We do this through: 

Mentoring Curriculum

Mentor Training


We believe Lead Mentors from the district can oversee mentor programs, train mentors, and assess the effectiveness of induction practices to retain novice teachers.

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Carol Pelletier Radford EdD

Carol Pelletier Radford is the founder and CEO of MentoringinAction.com. She received her EdD from Harvard University where she focused her studies on teacher leadership and professional development. Carol began her career as a public school teacher where she learned the value of student engagement, teacher collaboration, and using student voices to improve teaching practices. She served in higher education as a teacher, administrator, licensing officer, and alternative certification program director. She is a certified yoga teacher (200 hr National Yoga Teacher Alliance) and is integrating mindfulness and meditation practices into her courses.

She recently published Mentoring in Action: Guiding, Sharing and Reflecting with Novice Teachers 2e and the companion book for novice teachers, The First Years Matter: Becoming an Effective Teacher 2e to offer school districts a month by month curriculum for supporting mentoring conversations that align to teaching practices. Her 3rd edition of Strategies for Successful Student Teaching guides the student teacher through the practicum, the job search and into the first year of teaching. All three books include a complimentary e-Guide with videos and tools for learning how to use the books effectively.

Carol is actively engaged in teaching graduate credit courses online and using video to communicate with mentors and novice teachers. She is a passionate advocate for teacher leadership and she hires practicing teachers to serve as evaluators in the online courses.

She has been inspired and supported by her own personal Board of Mentors. Explore their webpages and contact these women directly if you feel connected to their work.

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Video Message

Watch the video below to hear a message that shares my thoughts and the “big picture” of mentoring and induction programs.