A Video Library can offer visual examples of mentoring conversations and information to support mentor training and novice teacher development.
District Action Plans are important to identify roles and responsibilities for mentors and ensure stakeholders will sustain mentor training and support for novices in years 1-3.
Group mentoring opportunities enhance one-one mentoring conversations and provide safe space for novices to share ideas.
  Student Perspectives are important to enhancing teaching practices. We encourage the use of anonymous surveys and follow-up conversations with mentors and novices discussing how the data gathered can improve teaching practices.
  Maintaining Your Balance in years 2 and 3 are crucial to novice teacher success.
  Use this .pdf e-guide to learn how to use the book Mentoring in Action: Guiding, Sharing and Reflecting with Novice Teachers effectively.

The e-guide tour of the book includes videos and may be used for 10 hours of mentor training.  e-Guide

Align the Mentoring in Action book to the Massachusetts standards for teacher effectiveness with this color-code key.

  Use this FYM E-Guide

The novice teachers can  color code their book to the Massachusetts standards.