Laura Smith

Laura Smith is a Program Supervisor and Adjunct Professor for the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth in their STEM Education and Teacher Development Department.  Additionally, Laura works as an Education Consultant and is on the executive board of the Massachusetts Science Education Leadership Association.  Most recently, her consulting work has been for the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Worcester Polytechnical Institute, and Massachusetts School Building Authority.  Laura started her journey as an educator working in Special Education and moved on to be a Middle School Science Teacher, Science Department Head, and STEM Curriculum Administrator.

Besides supporting educators, Laura is the owner of Oakdale Farms and Lane Gardens, a 150 acre naturally grown fruit, herb, vegetable, and chicken farm.  In her “agricultural engineer” role, Laura enjoys educating consumers about natural farming practices and healthy eating.  Laura is a committee member of the Massachusetts Food System Collaborative where she and her colleagues inform the Massachusetts Legislators and health organizations about the importance of budgets that include monies for programs that support low-income families and local agriculture.