Summer 2019

Thank you for your interest in our online graduate credit courses.

We offer three online graduate courses in the fall semester.

  • 3 graduate credits
  • 67.5 PDPs for MA teachers and administrators for license renewal
  • Cost does not include required texts

EDU 620 Mentoring in Action: Becoming a Qualified Mentor and Leader

(3 graduate credits, 67.5 PDPs, $595)

A course for mentors in training or current mentors who want to refresh and update their skills. In this one semester course you will learn how to mindfully mentor, align conversations to educator evaluation, and differentiate mentoring conversations to meet the varied needs of novice teachers in your district. Seven online modules include videos, articles, and reflections. 

Summer course: June 28 – August 25, 2019

Registration Deadline: June 26, 2019.

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EDU 646  Mindful Teaching: Refining Your Practice to Inspire Student Learning

(3 graduate credits, 67.5 PDPs, $595)

This online course includes three modules, a clinical experience, and a face-to-face retreat at the end of the course. A 20/20 Vision for how to sustain mentoring programs within school districts is explored through module content and coaching conversations. Coaching sessions with the course instructor, a course partner, and an extraordinary coach are required. Module topics include; Mindfulness, Leadership, and Taking Action. Prerequisite: EDU 620, EDU 716 or permission of the instructor. 3 graduate credits and 67.5 PDPs.

This online course brings like-minded teacher leaders together in the Mentoring in Action Teacher Leadership Academy. It is designed for experienced mentor who are dedicated to “paying it forward” to support the success of students. These leaders strive to empower mentors and novice teachers in their districts to realize their full potential as effective teachers and emerging leaders.

The goal of the course is to enhance our 20/20 Visions to clarify how we can improve our teacher induction programs. We strive to sustain and share Mentoring in Action principles and resources as well as to create new ways to support mentors and novice teachers. The course and retreat offer new ideas, provide time for reflection, and introduce extraordinary coaches and guest speakers who will inspire course participants to take action. The retreat at the end of the course will network the Academy members and provide the cohort with an opportunity to share ideas and meet each other in person.

Winter course: February 1 – June 2, 2019

Registration Deadline: January 30, 2019.

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