Janet Fitzgerald

I’m in my twenty-second year at Seekonk High School (Seekonk is in Massachusetts but is a suburb of Providence , RI). For the first 13 years I was an English teacher.  Now I am the school’s  Transition Coordinator, working with students in Special Education programs on their post-secondary planning. For the last decade, I’ve served as a mentor to new teachers and am currently the Mentor/Induction  Program Coordinator for the district  I’m a Master Mentor Evaluator for Gordon College’s graduate course, Mentoring in Action: Becoming a Qualified Teacher and Leader with Dr. Radford’s Mentoring in Action team.  I’m also part of the Total Teacher Project whose  “vision is for teachers to see themselves as leaders and to demonstrate their leadership qualities for students to model.” We are in the process of planning this summer’s second annual Teacher Leadership Summit:  Check out

Not only am I interested in helping current teachers build skills, I’m interested in working with teachers-in-training, as I think our current model of teacher preparation is insufficient, especially when it comes to developing relationship and communication skills that are essential to meaningful experiences for students.