“Mentoring in Action 2nd edition provides an important foundation for any mentor or community of mentors to launch, grow, or deepen their own practice. We are all doing such important work together, and I ‘m thrilled to continue driving with Dr. Radford and all of you to ensure that every new teacher gets differentiated, just-in-time support from a mentor so that ultimately every child in America is taught by and excellent teacher.”
Ellen Moir
Founder and CEO, New Teacher Center

“In a profession that loses 50% of its entering teachers by Year five, Carol Radford’s Mentoring in Action is a beautiful, wise, month-by-month guide to powerful, mindful mentoring of the novice instructor. Filled with decades of her own teaching, research,and mentoring wisdom, Radford offers a move-by-move guide to building the mentoring relationship, examples of mentoring in actin, and instructions and modeling of purposeful mentoring conversations. This book is a must buy for any teacher leader, instructional coach, and curriculum director. The brand new teacher can use the companion book The First Years Matter. We are lucky to have these books back fully revised and more complete than ever, to access Carol Radford’s wisdom and guidance.
Dr. Kirsten Olson, Author of The Wounded School
and The Mindful School Leader.

“The 2nd edition of Mentoring in Action: Guiding, Sharing, and Reflecting with Novice Teachers by Carol Pelletier Radford offers a very well-organized and practical roadmap that includes reflections, activities, tips, and forms to support mentors working with beginning teachers. In addition the companion website for this book offers extensive resources for mentors including many videos. This book offers support for those who lead by mentoring others whether they are new to mentoring or want to increase their knowledge and skill as a mentor. The best mentorship programs include support for mentors, not just for new teachers. This book provides the roadmap for that support, whether it is followed by individual teacher-mentors or by those in charge of mentoring programs. In fact, everyone in a position of leadership should read and use the contents of this book.”
Barbara Levin, Professor and Author of Every Teacher a Leader
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“Mentoring in Action is a terrific resource for mentors and coaches of all levels. It strategically helps mentors reflect on what novice teachers might be thinking ad needing, and what they as mentors could be doing to support them. Step by step, Radford guides us through the year. The book is chock full of ideas and questions to use with novice teachers. It is a really useful tool to have on hand.”
Jennifer Abrams, Author of Hard Conversations Unpacked and the Multigenerational Workplace.

Mentoring in Action and The First Years Matter books are so important to guide discussions between the mentor and mentee and are also helpful for differentiating for a new teacher’s needs.”
Ellyse Hager, Kindergarten Teacher
Nathanial Morton Elementary School

“With Mentoring in Action and The First Years Matter books training of mentors is consistent and comprehensive. The First Years Matter is structured enough to provide a clear path toward helping a new hire to achieve independence.
John Radosta, Mentoring Coordinator
Milton High School

The first years of teaching are really complicated, and it seems to get more complicated these days with mandates, district initiates, testing and accountability. Teaching is not for the faint-hearted and Carol Radford understands that and that is why I love The First Years Matter: Becoming An Effective Teacher. Radford brilliantly lays out all of those things a novice needs to know and how to get though them. In leadership circles we talk about, ” We don’t know what we don’t know” and “blind spots”. What is great about this book is that Carol clues us all into what novice teachers should be expecting and how to get through it, making it less likely to have “blind spots” in the first years. She lays out a perfectly executed action plan which includes creating a community of learners, the mentoring process, and understanding a teacher’s impact on students. I certainly wish I had this book to help me through my beginning years.
Peter M. Dewitt, EdD
Corwin Author, Consultant
Finding Common Ground (Education Week Blog)

Dear Carol,
I can’t thank you enough for the support and guidance you have offered in an effort to improve the ASRSD Mentoring and Induction Program. Our teachers enjoyed the training and have a very clear vision and understanding of our program goals.
In sincere appreciation,

Mary Beth Hamel
Assistant Superintendent
Ayer Shirley Regional School District