Shannon Sullivan Chick

Shannon Sullivan Chick is a 9-12 music teacher at Chelsea High School.  She holds a B.M. in Music Education with a concentration in trumpet from Gordon College and M.Ed degree from Gordon College.  Shannon is currently completing her sixteenth year at Chelsea High School where she teaches piano, percussive grooves (a drumming and body percussion class), and is the director of both the concert band and jazz band.  During her time in Chelsea, Shannon has been able to help instill a love, joy, and dedication to music within her students that have allowed her instrumental ensembles to receive high accolades in both competition and throughout the community. Shannon truly values all that her students bring to the classroom and loves the community in which she has the privilege to teach in each and every day.

Shannon has been fortunate to have many mentors who have shaped and inspired her journey as both a musician and educator.  Through these experiences she realizes the value of supportive leadership and hopes that in her role as a mentor she can help inspire and support new teachers throughout their journey in education.