2020 Vision Cohort 3 – 2019


Introducing The Mentoring in Action Leadership Academy 2019



Amanda Bernier :

Amanda Bernier

Role in the District: Grade Seven Math Teacher

Mentoring Title: Mentor

Amanda has been working in a middle school setting teaching math for five years following a six year long career teaching math in elementary school. She has a passion for helping novice teachers as well as to work with undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a career in education.

Amanda is a mother to two young boys, avid binge watcher, and takes an interest in reading educational articles and learning about personal development. Listen to her vision.

Shannon Sullivan Chick :

Shannon Sullivan Chick

Role in the District: High School Music Teacher

Mentoring Title: Mentor Leader

Shannon has recently completed the Mentoring in Action course and is currently excited to be enrolled in the 20/20 Vision Teacher Leadership Academy.   She plans to continue to develop tools and strategies to help her be an effective leader and mentor amongst her peers and to ultimately inspire the next generation of teachers to thrive in this beautiful and rewarding profession. Read Shannon's Bio. Listen to her vision.

Tisha Armbruster :

Tisha Armbruster

Role in the District: Third Grade Teacher

Mentoring Title: Mentor

Tisha is an elementary teacher in the urban district of Chelsea, MA. She currently teaches 3rd grade in the Caminos program, the school’s two-way bilingual immersion program. She has been an elementary teacher since 2000 and has taught 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade.  She has also been a mentor in her school for over 6 years. Read Tisha's Bio. Listen to her vision.

Susan MacKay :

Susan MacKay

Role in the District: Six Grade Math Teacher

Mentoring Title: Mentor

Susan MacKay is a Grade 6 Math teacher at the Clark Avenue Middle School.  She holds a M.Ed in Middle School Math from Lesley University, a M.Ed in Administration K-8 from Emmanuel College, and Dual Bachelor degrees in Music and English Writing and Communications from University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Read Susan's Bio. Listen to her vision.



Donna Beck :

Donna Beck

Role in the District: Computer Applications Teacher Grades 6 & 7, Web Coordinator for CPS, District Mentor Coordinator, Teacher Mentor

Mentoring Title: District Mentor Coordinator

In 2012 I was trained to be a mentor through the Project SUCCESS-- RTTT Mentoring in Action Massachusetts.  I have been mentor since 2014 talking on the lead district coordinator role in 2017.  The past two years I developed an online place for novice teachers and their mentors on our school website.  I was a part of Cohort 2 and developed with my team the current Clinton Public Schools District Mentoring In Action Plan that is currently used today. Read Donna's Bio. Listen to her vision.


Laura Smith :

Laura Smith

Role in the District: Program Supervisor and Adjunct Professor

Mentoring Title: Mentor

Laura is passionate about mentoring novice and experienced teachers at the elementary, secondary and higher education levels.  Collaborating with like-minded professionals and being instructed by Extraordinary Coaches in the 20/20 Vision – Mentoring In Action Leadership Academy is one more step to advance her skills, experience, and knowledge to be able to better serve educators.  Read Laura's Bio. Listen to her vision.


Kristin Marani :

Kristin Marani

Role in the District: Oversee Mentoring Program

Mentoring Title: Mentor Coordinator & High School English Teacher

My name is Kristin Marani, and I am currently teaching at Oliver Ames High School in North Easton, Massachusetts. I began my teaching career fifteen years ago in a service-fellowship program called the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) at the University of Notre Dame. I earned my master's degree while teaching full time during two school years at a small Catholic school in Austin, Texas.  Read Kristin's Bio.  Listen to her vision.


Zachary Barr :

Zachary Barr

Role in the District: 8th grade US history and civics teacher

Mentoring Title: Mentor Teacher

Zachary is now taking the 20/20 Vision leadership course to expand his knowledge base and mentoring abilities.  He's hoping to get more involved in mentoring leadership, especially trying to support long term subs in their growth as educators. Read Zachary's Bio. Listen to his vision.

North Attleborough

Kerrie Grant :

Kerrie Grant

Role in the District: Grade 5 Reading Teacher

Mentoring Title: Middle School Mentor Coordinator

Kerrie has been the Middle School Mentor Coordinator for the last five years and is constantly seeking new and exciting ideas on how to improve and strengthen the mentor program in order to support all new staff members.  Sharing her love of teaching with others is a deep passion for her along with developing and initiating a cohesive mentor program across the district in the near future. Read Kerrie's Bio. Listen to her vision.

Old Rochester Regional

Lisa Dix :

Lisa Dix

Role in the District: 4th Grade Classroom Teacher

Mentoring Title: Mentoring Past the First Year Coordinator

“I am hoping through my experience with 20/20 Vision, to find ways to meet the needs of ALL teachers in my mentoring group so that they may understand their value and worth, and know they are supported by somebody who has been there.” Read Lisa's Bio. Listen to her vision.


Kimberly Rackliffe :

Kimberly Rackliffe

Role in the District: Special Education Teacher

Mentoring Title: Mentor Leader

In pre-service training and in each of the three districts in which I’ve taught, induction and mentoring programs have provided me with important support and guidance. The diversity of my mentoring experiences gives me a unique perspective on the impact of mentoring on teachers at various points in their career. Read Kimberly's Bio. Listen to her vision.

Southwick Regional

Beth McCarthy :

Beth McCarthy

Role in the District: Special Education Teacher

Mentoring Title: Mentor

Beth McCarthy is currently in her 17th year in education and her first year as a teacher mentor. She has worked for the past 3 years as a special education teacher at Southwick Regional School but has worked in special education, school adjustment counseling and high school equivalency programs in both and inner city and rural settings.

Beth chose to be a mentor both to share her knowledge with new teachers and to learn from them. She recognizes the talents and knowledge that new and transfer teachers bring to her district. She believes the opportunity to work with them can both support their growth in the district and provide her new perspectives and ideas for the classroom. Listen to her vision.


Brooke Traverso :

Brooke Traverso

Role in the District: Fourth Grade Math and Science Teacher

Mentoring Title: Lead Mentor

Brooke works for Swansea Public Schools and is a Fourth Grade Math and Science Teacher at Elizabeth Brown Elementary School. She is the Lead Mentor for both my school and Luther Elementary School which is the other 3-5 school in her district.

She is excited to be a part of the Mentoring in Action Team!  She is thankful for the wonderful mentors she had had throughout her career, and loves helping other teachers in any way she can.