Welcome to the teaching profession! Review the videos to see how students, novice teachers and mentors talk about teaching and learning.

Click on one of the several categories of videos highlighted in red to view:

Using Student Perspectives – What do students think? These videos will share some inspiring ways to use students’ voices in mentoring practices.

Mentoring Conversations – What is a mentor supposed to talk about? These videos model mentoring conversations that focus on one topic that is meaningful to the novice teacher.

Differentiated Mentoring – How do we meet the varying needs of novice teachers? These videos share some ways to think about differentiating mentoring practices.

Project SUCCESS – This “train the trainer” model promotes teacher leadership within the district. The videos provide an overview of the program and a way to connect mentoring to SMART Goals.

Classroom Best Practices – These videos provide overviews of hot topics that relate to teacher preparation and mentoring conversations. They can be viewed individually or used in training sessions.

New Teacher Support – How can we support novice teachers? These videos provide a variety of coaching strategies that can be viewed individually or using in induction programs.