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Mindful Mentoring Memos

December Newsletter 2017

We recap a symposium for our inaugural cohort of the 20/20 Vision Mentoring in Action Leadership Academy. We gathered together at the beautiful Asa Waters Mansion in Millbury to discuss ways to sustain quality induction and mentoring

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General Posts

August 2017

May 2017

Mindful Mentoring Memo: May Edition

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May is a time for mentors and novices to reflect and review students' progress.   It is also a time to assess your novice's teaching practices.  This month's memo reflects on mentoring in the month

April 2017

Mindful Mentoring Memo: April Edition

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The April Edition of the Monthly Mentor Memo introduces the "20/20 Vision Mentoring in Action Leadership Academy" and includes the blog post of the month, "Mindfulness Supports the Social and Emotional Development of Novice Teachers".

March 2017

Mindful Mentoring Memo: March Edition

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This month's "Monthly Mentor Memo" announced the launch of an exciting new graduate course, "20/20 Vision" and shares links to information about the "extraordinary coaches" who will be working with teacher leaders throughout the state. The