Mindful Mentoring Memos

December Newsletter 2017

We recap a symposium for our inaugural cohort of the 20/20 Vision Mentoring in Action Leadership Academy. We gathered together at the beautiful Asa Waters Mansion in Millbury to discuss ways to sustain quality induction and mentoring

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August/September Mentor Memo

For this month's mentor memo we discuss planning and preparing for the new school year and announce our Fall online course offerings! Click here to view the August/September Mentor Memo. To sign up to receive

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May 2017

Mindful Mentoring Memo: May Edition

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May is a time for mentors and novices to reflect and review students' progress.   It is also a time to assess your novice's teaching practices.  This month's memo reflects on mentoring in the month

April 2017

Mindful Mentoring Memo: April Edition

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The April Edition of the Monthly Mentor Memo introduces the "20/20 Vision Mentoring in Action Leadership Academy" and includes the blog post of the month, "Mindfulness Supports the Social and Emotional Development of Novice Teachers".

March 2017

Mindful Mentoring Memo: March Edition

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This month's "Monthly Mentor Memo" announced the launch of an exciting new graduate course, "20/20 Vision" and shares links to information about the "extraordinary coaches" who will be working with teacher leaders throughout the state. The